3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

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3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

Kavita Mali | July 01, 2021

Have you ever thought of a house being built by a 3D printer?-yeah that’s right! A few years back the idea of a house being built by a 3D printer would’ve sounded weird and impossible but in the modern world as of today, it is very much possible. 

Did you know? 

In 2015 the world’s tallest 3D printed building was built in Suzhou, China. By altering this record, recently the world’s biggest 3D printed building was completed in Dubai. 3D printing is not only used in building houses but also in various other sectors like healthcare, automotive industry, agriculture, etc. 

This can make you wonder how rapidly this technology is emerging! 

It is no surprise that technological advancements are changing our way of living. Technology has transformed the way we shop, the way we react and the way we think. The world seems to grow faster than ever due to the increasing advancements in technology and we have adhered to it. 

What exactly is 3D printing? 

3D printing also is known as additive printing is a process of printing a three-dimensional (3D) object from a computer-aided design model by adding material layer by layer to form and build a required object. It is widely used all over the world for different purposes. 

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level  3D printing has played a major role in robotics and technology. These robots are directing the way to the future of robotics. The functions like walking, running, jumping, talking, etc can be programmed in these robots.  

Why 3D printing? 

3D printers offer a great solution to create robots in a mass quantity. Every shape is 3D printable which allows the freedom to design and style as per our convenience. It can manufacture simple parts as well as the most complex parts very effortlessly. 

The freedom of design is an additive point, as I can give life to many custom-made robots for any desired application. Like during the COVID-19 outbreak it played a major role in maintaining hygiene, delivering food & medicines, etc. 

3D printing helps to reduce the overall cost, increase efficiency, speeds up the work by 100x than the traditional method. Some printers produce over 250 different colour objects from different materials including metals, plastics, ceramic, glass, leather, stem cells, and even chocolate! 

This technology has the potential to reform our societies and the development sector. The world aims at achieving timely development for the betterment of our planet. 3D printing is a sustainable form of technology that is being used to achieve certain specific goals and has the potential to make a forthcoming impact. It allows us to use old materials in new creative and more sustainable ways. For example, scientists have figured out how to convert CO2 ( Carbon dioxide ) into the concrete using 3D printing. Researchers are finding out more innovative ways to reduce waste and increase sustainability, in turn, can help to maintain the climatic conditions. 

A few years back graduating in engineering, medicine, and fashion designing was very niche! But now, people have started exploring these streams too. There are tremendous scope and growth in 3D printing technology. Now almost all the sectors have started adopting 3D printing in their production process. 

According to the research by Global Market Insights, there is remarkable growth in the coming years for 3D printing material and equipment, that this surge will create a whole new category of new jobs and investment opportunities 

 “ 3D printing has 

 digitized the entire  

manufacturing process “ 

-Peter  Diamandis

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