Beetle in the Maze

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Beetle in the Maze

Beetle in the Maze

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  • Pratiksha Pohakar1-03

    Pratiksha Pohakar

    I am Pratiksha Pohakar. I am 12 years old. I like learning new technological things. Mechatron Robotics helped me learn coding by making it fun. The trainer guided me very well. I also love to read books.

About This Project

Beetle in the Maze there are 4 levels in this gae. You have to move the beetle using the arrow keys. You have to reach the destination. Once you reached there you will get into the next level. Be careful! If you touch the maze you have to start from the beginning. Enjoy the maze game! 

In this project, you will understand how to use arrow keys to control the sprite. This project uses the “when key pressed” event to check which key is pressed. It also uses a “touching color” command from the sensing block to check if the beetle is touching the maze or not and to check if it reached the destination or not. ‘Move steps’ and ‘point in direction’ command is used to make the beetle move in the respective direction. 

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