Does our education system need to upgrade to Education 4.0 ?

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Does Our Education System Need to Upgrade to Education 4.0 ?

Does Our Education System Need to Upgrade to Education 4.0 ?

Siddhartha Kumar | December 09, 2020

Education 4.0 is being termed as the education system aligned with Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is a name of the current trend of automation where manufacturing technologies would be connected through cyber systems, Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IOT).

Before we understand Education 4.0 it would be important to understand the emergence of Industry revolution:

Industry 1.0: (1784): Industrial revolution where the machine and equipment were driven by water and steam power.
Industry 2.0: (1870): Industrial revolution where electrically powered mass production was introduced based on the division of labor
Industry 3.0 (1969): Industrial revolution where electronics and IT was used to automate production.
Industry 4.0 (today): Industrial revolution based on the use of cyber-physical systems.

Industry 4.0 is being termed as the smart factory however do we have an education system and people to cope with this so called “Smart Factory” ?

Does Our Education System Need to Upgrade to Education 4.0 ?
The current technologies, jobs, social media, machines, cars, etc are dominated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, Robotics, 3D Printing, nano-technology, quantum computing and Internet of Things (IOT) where we are empowering machines and robots to do our job. These things are evolving at an exponential rate. Is this right or wrong for our coming generation? Its good for us, if we use the human brain more in developing resources to save the environment, automatic cars to prevent accidents, home automation to save electricity, auto defence mechanism to prevent anti social activities. The list is non-exhaustive.

To cope wit the technological revolution we need Education 4.0 with a robust education system to prepare the children for the world which is existing around us. We let our child play with android phones, can we build a platform around them where they are the creators instead of users and make android applications rather than merely play with them. Schools teach mathematics, trigonometry etc to the student, can they also teach how to use them in making models and 3D objects ? Education 4.0 is not about using the internet for accessing information but to control and create things using the power of Internet.


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