Does Our Education System Prepare Us Well For a Better Life ?

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Does Our Education System Prepare Us Well For a Better Life ?

Does Our Education System Prepare Us Well For a Better Life ?

Rajesh Sharma | May 27, 2021

A common question to all my readers ; Does our Education system prepare us well for practical life ? Does a student from prestigious colleges like IITs/IIMs know how to face catastrophic situations in life? Does it teach us how to be patient and calm in critical situations?

According to Gandhi, education should teach a person at least one skill which makes him/her independent in life. Job oriented education is the need of the hour. Several govt. bodies like wardha commission and kothari commission recommended job oriented education however due to its late implementation, unemployment among youth was at peak.

Does Our Education System Prepare Us Well For a Better Life ? The current education system demands practical approach to subjects rather than only theory. It is required to provide Hands on experience of the theoretical concepts. Practical project based approach not only helps a student apply the theory, it also develops the problem solving skills among students. The stereotype theoretical education methodologies needs a change to prepare children for the future. Students need to be motivated to do physical exercises and play outdoor sports rather than playing games on cell phones and computers.

I have taken some basic examples on how the Learning by Doing can be implemented. Addition and subtraction shall be taught to the students by taking them to markets and not merely solving word problems in class. Concept of litres and mililitres can be taught at petrol pump while refuelling vehicles. Topics of electricity and heat can be taught with real life examples such as Battery connections for making a LED glow. A small child understands about heat only when he touches the burning candle for the first time. There is also a need to appreciate mistakes by students rather than making is shameful. The fear of shame doesn’t allow a child to experiment and unleash his creativity.

I would quote a line by Mahatma Gandhi “Education is drawing out best from man”. Skilled Education is the demand of our Indian Education system. We have smart phone but we don’t have the required skills to repair it. Our youth wants to become engineers and doctors but no one wants to be teachers. This is the irony of our education system. How can we produce Best brains if we can’t produce good teachers ?
Our education should teach us to “believe in ourselves”

The word education for many in India is to merely get degrees & certificates rather than learning and acquiring knowledge. Don’t we have enough skills to manufacture the finest machines, Robots and automation technology . Why do still in 21st century we work with jugaad technology. Why don’t we have research oriented higher education where students who are really interested in academics can apply. Education should be more than collecting degrees and job placements.

Students at school level should be guided for suitable career according to their aptitude. Various Research studies conducted in the last 10 years show that India still produces highest number of engineers and MBAs who mostly end up doing jobs not related to their field of study. Why cant parents show more confidence in their child to allow him to choose a career of his passion and interest. Comparing to the world statistics , we still lack behind in producing artist, musicians, sportsman, etc. Why can’t an artist, a musician and a dancer excel without the basic class tenth certificate? Why don’t we promote a child who is good in sports to become a sportsman without giving him the stress of examinations? These are some of the questions everyone of us should think and respond to.

We need to get out of the examination system of our education and focus on character building. We need aptitude based education. We need education for leading good life for enjoying life. Our education today gives us stress but doesn’t teach us how to cope with it. Our students don’t know how to handle failure. Our education doesn’t teach us how to handle the cut throat competition and critical situations. Depression among the young students is growing And that is why the suicide rates is maximum in India which reaches its peak during exams. Gandhi’s India needs to learn the lesson of ahimsa. However its not the responsibility of only the government to change this, we all must stood up and contribute our bit to change the education system for the betterment of our future generations.

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