How IOT can Help in Reducing Electricity Bills

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How IOT can Help in Reducing Electricity Bills

How IOT can Help in Reducing Electricity Bills

Ashwini Sharma | June 01, 2021

In India, the electricity consumption has increased drastically in last 5 years. In 2015-16 the electricity consumption was 6.76 GW whereas in the next year 2016-17 it became 12.28 GW which brings to the conclusion that its being rapidly increasing every year. Being the second most populated country in the world, India is using electricity at its peak and for sustainable usage there is a need to save resources like electricity 

How IOT can Help in Reducing Electricity Bills  IoT uses a network of connected devices that are interconnected and also connected with a server. The sensors detect the signals coming out of the integrated devices/equipment that is used for real-time analytics to provide insights.

Businesses across all industry are moving towards these new technology with open arms to take advantage of the opportunities it offers IoT is now extensively want to achieve various business goals like reducing electricity bills, improving operational efficiency, improving occupants comfort, generating revenue, increasing customer engagement and more. Buildings, retail stores, hotels and even in hospitals such IoT devices have installed to automate activities, primarily getting to make  occupants more well-off and productive at low cost, while managing energy and operations more efficiently.In developed countries, commercial buildings consume around 20-40% of the entire energy therefore it is very vital that they looks on energy optimization.

What are the benefits of an intelligent building ?  

1. Improves Energy consumption : Data collected by sensors at a building level can be used to regulate air-conditioning and lighting level in real time, thereby reducing energy consumption and optimizing the internal environment to improve occupants comfort. 

2. Enhances comfort of occupants : Temperature and lighting level can be monitored and managed for each individual section. This is how it offers fine experiences for users based on their temperature preferences throughout the day and optimize their efficiency and comfort. 

3. Increases operational productivity : Powering down lights in sections with zero activity, adjusting cooling systems as per the outside temperature, and managing other devices can be automated. This not only ensures that facilities are used more efficiently but also brings an improved experience for building users. 

4. Predictive maintenance : Continuous monitoring and predictive capability of  Internet of things enabled buildings can enable a building manager to take appropriate corrective action before tenants even notice a problem. Predictive maintenance can: 

  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Eliminate loss due to equipment breakdowns 
  • Reduce equipment downtime 


Whether you want to increase the efficiency of your building, reduce operational costs, increase electricity bill savings, monitor asset utilization or improve occupants experience converting your traditional building into smart building will help you achieve the same. 

Automation offers intelligent building and energy management solution that not only reduces the costs of energy, commissioning and maintenance but at the same time also enables safer, efficient reliable and more predictive world.


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