How VR and Robotics can work together?

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How VR and Robotics can Work Together?

How VR and Robotics can Work Together?

Vikash Sharma | December 5, 2020

The robotics industry around the world is steadily gaining momentum and the applications of robotic technology are being paired with several innovative technologies is creating solutions to many real-world problems. The convergence of robotics with other industries is nowhere better seen than with augmented reality and virtual reality. 

 What actually is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? 

 Augmented reality or AR, is the alliance of digital information with the user’s environment in real-time.VR is a computer simulation of a 3D environment that will allow a user to function within them, such as moving around and building objects in virtual worlds. The difference between Augmented reality and Virtual reality is that virtual reality creates an unreal and man-made environment whereas augmented reality uses the currently existing environment and superimposes new information on top of it. 

 How AR & VR be converged with robotics? 

 As AR and VR converge with robotics, one important aspect where this hybrid technology can be applied is the manufacturing industry. Virtual reality is already being used to improve the way how to control the robots and drones by human operators in manufacturing. Organizations can implement dual neural networks for robotic training. Visual neural network and Imitation neural network together forms the dual neural network. The visual network can be used to recognize an object and the imitation network will make the robot decide what action can be taken in the object. In this way, robots can be trained to perform many manufacturing tasks. 

 What is THR?   

 Toyota has developed THR 3, also known as Toyota’s third-generation humanoid robot. The robot was controlled through virtual reality. It allows a person with a VR headset on, can hold a virtual handle in the virtual world, which would then control the real world robot. This can be applied to help surgeons who are looking to train with robot arms. 

How VR and Robotics can Work Together?

While the convergence of VR and robotics takes place in manufacturing, medical, and military, the potential for this to emerge in other sectors is unlimited. One idea can be by using VR, robots can be sent to a crime scene to give more accurate and clear information or a substantial evidence about what happened, how the environment looks and who is responsible — affecting the outcome of the trial Researchers believe that together, these technologies will help to explore a new way of human-machine interaction and make several business procedures more accurate and efficient. 


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