Key Elements Most of the Schools are Missing

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Key Elements Most of the Schools are Missing

Key Elements Most of the Schools are Missing

Siddhartha Kumar | November 01, 2021

Key Elements Most of the Schools are Missing So, what is it look like in a school where your child can progress and bloom into an exceptional individual?  


School Fees?  


Key Elements Most of the Schools are Missing

Well, everyone has different criteria but one key element remains the same:” The quality of teaching”. You always look for a school that has an atmosphere where your child can learn and prosper with minimal effort. So now what differentiates a normal school and a good school?  

 AC classrooms?  

Fancy canteens?  


 No, it is the facilities provided to the child but where he can explore himself. Where the child can explore new fields himself and grow socially, mentally, and spiritually.  

Wondering how schools can bring in such a culture?  

Well, we got you covered   

It’s the Robotics Labs    

And  You can imagine how important Robotics Labs are when NITI Ayog itself has been promoting “Atal Tinkering Labs”  

 It helps the students in 3 keyways  


  • The creativity of the student’s increases   
  • Student’s question-asking skill increases which lead to deeper understanding and finding unique and creative solutions  
  • This helps the students in every aspect of their life   
  • If they are stuck in a problem, they start analysing the situation logically and find the required solution 



  • The students adopt DO IT YOURSELF attitude  
  • They start finding the solutions to problems by themselves  
  • They do not rely on others for basic work   
  • And our government has also been enforcing this value as being “Self-Dependent”  
  • They create a value of small things such as doing their laundry by themselves, fixing small electrical problems, cleaning, etc


  • Students start taking responsibility for their work  
  • They start to behave in a disciplined way to accomplish their goals  
  • They start performing well in all fields of life sports, academics, social life, etc  

And this isn’t me telling you without any data   

These are 3 key qualities listed down by 5441 Indian schools teaching over 6,046,146 students in our country   

 So now you know what you look for in a school while you are hunting for admissions.  

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