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Painting Sprite

Painting Sprite

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  • Pratiksha Pohakar1-03

    Pratiksha Pohakar

    I am Pratiksha Pohakar. I am 12 years old. I like learning new technological things. Mechatron Robotics helped me learn coding by making it fun. The trainer guided me very well. I also love to read books.

About This Project

In this project,Painting Sprite. sprite is going to draw a beautiful design with the help of different shape. You simply have to select the shape with which you want to draw the design. 

Here pen extension of scratch is used which is used for drawing. In this project “ask” command from the sensing block is used to get the choice from the user. The user will choose one shape out of the circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, and hexagon. Depending upon the selected shape, sprite will draw a design using a pen tool.  

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