What are the Consequences of Not Embracing Robotics & AI?

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What are the Consequences of Not Embracing Robotics & AI?

What are the Consequences of Not Embracing Robotics & AI?

Kiran Gupta | September 07, 2021

Humans have seen a lot, been through a lot, done a lot; some worth it, some not, some good things and some bad as well. Technological advancement has been the mainstay for us since the beginning of time. From lighting fire by striking two stones to programming robots, technological revolution and evolution has existed parallel to that of human evolution. Just like biological adaptation, humans have had to adapt to technological changes as well and on the hindsight, we can firmly conclude that science and technology have made things possible for us and other than the structure of our brain it is the scientific development over the years that has set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. 

The most vital of those revolutions are the four industrial revolutions: from the 1st in the year of 1784 to the 4th in current years. 

Let us focus on the current of the four Industrial Revolutions, the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. The mainstay of this 4th revolution are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Human Beings have always been afraid of change other than a select few and have been allergic to it because we are afraid of the consequences of change, we are afraid of the scope of change and the process of adaptation to the changes. But if we look back, can we deny that the 1st Industrial Revolution was necessary? Can we deny that computers were necessary? In fact, we cannot think of a society without Industry or electricity or computers. Was the process of adaptation to the inventions easy? Maybe not, but we have been through them and now we have adapted to the change, we don’t realise how good we humans are at adaptation.  

What are the Consequences of Not Embracing Robotics & AI? We won’t be able to go ahead as these are the next big things. We cannot remain Neanderthals anymore. What would have happened if some of us chose not to embrace computers? We would have become vestigial limbs of the society. Robotics and AI has given us safety, efficiency and precision in whatever works they have been assigned to by the manufacturers or the clients. It will be foolish if we choose to turn a blind eye to this wonderful scope of change and if a company is myopic in terms of adaptability, that company might eventually cease to exist and become defunct. Think of companies like Grundig, Amkette; how big they were, cutting edge technologies and market leaders within their respective sectors during their heydays. Where are they now? Why do we see companies like Ford, Tata, Unilever, HSBC wither all kinds of storms since their inception and continue to be major players in the market? This is because the latter group of companies chose to embrace changes. 

Robotics, AI, IoT are ell essentials. It depends on us as to how we use it to our benefits. If we can use them properly and don’t get over attached or addicted, this Industry 4.0 can be a beautiful thing. 

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