Why should you have Robotics Labs in Schools?

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Why should you have Robotics Labs in Schools?

Why should you have Robotics Labs in Schools?

Siddhartha Kumar | July 30, 2021

The world is changing and so is the technology alongwith. In today’s technology driven world it is essential for us to imbibe proper skillsets required for sustainability and growth. 

The kind of lifestyle which we are currently adoring is because of the technological advancements. Technology has become a backbone and comfort zone of our lives. 

With the advancements in the changing technology, it is important to prepare the youth generation for adapting the same in their day to day lives as it proves to be an essential part of survival. It is imperative to imbibe the proper knowledge and provide them a good exposure at an early age so that they feel comfortable working around with machines and robots, as the world is inevitably moving towards that future. 

What is the aim of Niti Aayog? 

In order to motivate students in this field NITI Aayog (A Government Body) has started an initiative with a vision to ‘Cultivate one Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’ known as Atal innovation mission. The main aim of this mission is to establish and motivate schools all over India to participate by building the Atal Tinkering Laboratories in their schools. These Atal Labs are to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in the young minds. It gives them a perfect platform to outperform their own creativity and their imagination into reality. 

 Why to implement these labs? 

Why should you have Robotics Labs in Schools? These labs can provide the children a hands-on experience to prove their capabilities and learn innovative skills. With this, they will get a chance to use most of the advanced tools and equipments for better understanding of concepts based on the very famous STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). 

The Atal Labs provide all the necessary materials, do-it-yourself kits and equipments which can help them in learning and gaining practical knowledge as well. 

With these labs the schools can motivate their students to participate in various workshops, state & national level competitions, exhibitions which can nurture their problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. 

Almost all students are curious about robotics and after  the continuous lessons of complicated subjects it becomes monotonous, so if they link some of their science or physics lessons with the robotics labs it can do wonders and maybe prove helpful for the students to extend their interest in this field. 

How can these labs help students? 

Learning the programming and coding is easy but are the students really relating it to their studies and assignments? Coding is an art where, if the students are given a platform to explore for themselves, they can apply their learnings by actually writing algorithms which can provoke them to do even better. It helps increasing their thinking and problem-solving capabilities. 

As observed lately, the post-millennial generation is more exposed to different types of technologies at a very tender age, so they are inquisitive about the new emerging technologies. So, empowering robotics labs in schools and introducing students about it can incline to  their successful futures.

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