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Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

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  • Pratiksha Pohakar1-03

    Pratiksha Pohakar

    I am Pratiksha Pohakar. I am 12 years old. I like learning new technological things. Mechatron Robotics helped me learn coding by making it fun. The trainer guided me very well. I also love to read books.

About This Project

This project  uses Video Sensing Extension. There are two types of balloons: normal balloon and monster balloon. You can score one point by popping one normal balloon. But stay away from the monster one, if you pop the monster balloon, you will lose 2 points. 

In this project, video sensing extension of scratch is used. You can control the sprite by motion on the sprite. You will also learn to create clones of the sprite. In this project, multiple clones of the balloons are create using “create clone of myself” command. 

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