How farmers and robots will work together for future farming?

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How Farmers and Robots Will Work Together for Future Farming?

How Farmers and Robots Will Work Together for Future Farming?

Aarnav Maitreya | October 12, 2020

Q1) What is Agriculture 4.0? 

Agriculture 4.0 gives an idea about how the farm will look in the future. It mainly focuses on direct and indirect causes of degraded farmland like Deforestation of unsuitable land, Overcutting vegetation, Overgrazing, Unbalanced fertilization use etc. The innovations show mainly focus on the cereal growers and wine growers. The next step in feeding the world’s rapidly growing population which involves self-driving tractors, precision farming and Internet of Things sensors to quantify agriculture in vast new ways. So by that means digital farming is revolutionizing the future. 

Q2)How Farmers and Robots Will Work Together for Future Farming?

An agriculture robot is also known as Agribot. This is a robot which is autonomous and is helpful in farming. It helps the farmers to raise the crops efficiency and also reduces the need for manual labour to the farmer. In the coming generations we can expect many farming things like tilling, sowing, harvesting etc by the agriculture robots individually. Other activities include weeding, control of pests etc 

The agriculture robots can also get connected to the wireless sensors networks and by using the drones, the robots will collect a huge amount of data and information. In order to replace the manual labours the trends of agriculture robots will increase.  

In present time the agriculture robots are used for picking fruits, milking of cows and rearing of sheep and they are found successful in those task. The robots also helps the farmers in the automation of tasks which include pushing of feed and the cleaning of manure. 

Q3) What are the Application, types, future and advantages of Agribiots? 

Application of Robotics in Agriculture: 

  1. Nursery Planting 
  2. Crop Seeding 
  3. Monitoring the crop and giving analysis 
  4. Fertilization and Irrigation 
  5. Crop weeding and Spraying 
  6. Thinning and Pruning 
  7. Autonomous Tractors 
  8. Harvesting and Picking 
  9. Herding and Shepherding 
  10. Milking in Dairy Farming    
How Farmers and Robots Will Work Together for Future Farming?

Vision Robotics’ technology reportedly integrates algorithms with sensor technology to bring automation to lettuce farming and vineyards. Specifically, computer vision allows robots to generate 3D maps and models of areas of interest and then to complete various tasks within those parameters. 

The young farmers will make more investments in robotic technology with more interest. The main thing is that robots will work best in every environment which are constructed as per the need and can get easily used to the layout of the farm. 

The industry of milking will grow by the year 2025 so there are robots which move along the rows of crops, detect the weeds and remove them. 

How Farmers and Robots Will Work Together for Future Farming?

Types of agriculture robots includes: 

  1. Precision Agriculture 
  2. Monitoring the pollution 
  3. Livestock Ranching 
  4. Control of weeds 
  5. Automation of nursery 
  6. Harvesting of crops 
  7. Harvesting of fruits 
  8. Seeding and Planting 

Advantages of Agriculture Robots: 

  1. Labour can be eliminated 
  2. Farmers will be self employed 
  3. Reduction in the usage of pesticides and harmful chemicals 
  4. Consumption of water can be reduced 
  5. Drastic increase in the production of crops

Future of Agriculture Robotics: 

  1. Implementation of Agriculture will change 
  2. Young farmers will start using robotic equipment 
  3. Agriculture robots in dairy farms, Agrochemicals and fresh fruits 
  4. Drones in the agriculture sectors


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