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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

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  • Yadnya Surjekar

    Yadnya Surjekar

    I am Yadnya Surejkar. I am 10 years old. I study in 5th grade. I am interested in Robotics, Coding, Cricket and reading books. My favourite app that I made in Mechatron Robotics is BMI Index Calculator. I am incredibly happy to be a part of Mechatron Robotics.

About This Project

In this project Bubble Shooter there are 40 bubbles in the game. You need to shoot the bubble with the ball. When you shoot all the bubbles, you will win the game. But if the ball falls on the ground before shooting all the bubbles, the game will be over. 

In this project, bubbles are created by using “create clone of myself command”. The paddle is being controlled with the help of mouse pointer. In this project you will learn how to control the sprite with mouse pointer. 

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