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Is it time for 3D Printing to Adopt Blockchain Technology?

Is it time for 3D Printing to Adopt Blockchain Technology?

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Is it time for 3D Printing to Adopt Blockchain Technology?

Is it time for 3D Printing to Adopt Blockchain Technology?

Tahreem Jamadar | December 28, 2021

What is 3D Printing? 

 3D Printing is a process by which almost any physical object can be created by depositing layers based on a digital model. All the software, hardware and the materials need to work in unison for all the 3D Printing processes. 

 3D printing technology can be used to create everything from prototypes and simple parts to highly technical final products such as airplane parts, artificial body organs. 

 3D Printing is gaining momentum for mass manufacturing production gradient parts and the scale of adopting 3D Printing technology can only go higher. To overcome security issues, 3D Printing technology needs to adopt the blockchain.  The 3D printing process is linear, but it’s not single or seamless. A 3D-printing process passes through many stages starting from concept, to CAD file, to generate design, and final to an actual 3D print. Each of these steps represents a point of vulnerability in which a 3D print can be corrupted or even stolen, putting the company’s intellectual property at risk.  

 Why there is an increasing need for high end security in 3D Printing? 

Is it time for 3D Printing to Adopt Blockchain Technology? Research has already shown 3D printing has a growing need for cybersecurity. In 2016, researchers from the University of California found out an approach in which a 3D printer can be hacked by recording the sounds a 3D Printer makes, they have successfully hacked the system and stole the source code that is used to produce 3D printed parts. 

In another research, a PC connected to a 3D printer was hacked and the researchers were able to make secret alterations to the 3D printing files for a drone that caused its propellor to fail mid-flight

So how does blockchain address all of this?  

 A Blockchain is like a diary that is almost impossible to forge.Blockchain works by creating a distributed, encrypted ledger across any number of parties that can be used to verify not only identities but also the status of any particular job. That means every node involved in any stage of a 3D print is aware of what all the others are doing at any time safely and securely. Since a blockchain is decentralized, meaning no single node owns it, stealing or altering a 3D printed file from a blockchain is not about tricking a single computer or printer – but to hack every node that was a part of that particular chain, which is practically impossible. Furthermore, because the blockchain technology is decentralized it becomes immutable and cannot be erased. As a result of the Bitcoin and several cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology has become popular and 3D printing holds an interesting extra layer in that as this deals with physical products. 

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

Kavita Mali | July 01, 2021

Have you ever thought of a house being built by a 3D printer?-yeah that’s right! A few years back the idea of a house being built by a 3D printer would’ve sounded weird and impossible but in the modern world as of today, it is very much possible. 

Did you know? 

In 2015 the world’s tallest 3D printed building was built in Suzhou, China. By altering this record, recently the world’s biggest 3D printed building was completed in Dubai. 3D printing is not only used in building houses but also in various other sectors like healthcare, automotive industry, agriculture, etc. 

This can make you wonder how rapidly this technology is emerging! 

It is no surprise that technological advancements are changing our way of living. Technology has transformed the way we shop, the way we react and the way we think. The world seems to grow faster than ever due to the increasing advancements in technology and we have adhered to it. 

What exactly is 3D printing? 

3D printing also is known as additive printing is a process of printing a three-dimensional (3D) object from a computer-aided design model by adding material layer by layer to form and build a required object. It is widely used all over the world for different purposes. 

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level  3D printing has played a major role in robotics and technology. These robots are directing the way to the future of robotics. The functions like walking, running, jumping, talking, etc can be programmed in these robots.  

Why 3D printing? 

3D printers offer a great solution to create robots in a mass quantity. Every shape is 3D printable which allows the freedom to design and style as per our convenience. It can manufacture simple parts as well as the most complex parts very effortlessly. 

The freedom of design is an additive point, as I can give life to many custom-made robots for any desired application. Like during the COVID-19 outbreak it played a major role in maintaining hygiene, delivering food & medicines, etc. 

3D printing helps to reduce the overall cost, increase efficiency, speeds up the work by 100x than the traditional method. Some printers produce over 250 different colour objects from different materials including metals, plastics, ceramic, glass, leather, stem cells, and even chocolate! 

This technology has the potential to reform our societies and the development sector. The world aims at achieving timely development for the betterment of our planet. 3D printing is a sustainable form of technology that is being used to achieve certain specific goals and has the potential to make a forthcoming impact. It allows us to use old materials in new creative and more sustainable ways. For example, scientists have figured out how to convert CO2 ( Carbon dioxide ) into the concrete using 3D printing. Researchers are finding out more innovative ways to reduce waste and increase sustainability, in turn, can help to maintain the climatic conditions. 

A few years back graduating in engineering, medicine, and fashion designing was very niche! But now, people have started exploring these streams too. There are tremendous scope and growth in 3D printing technology. Now almost all the sectors have started adopting 3D printing in their production process. 

According to the research by Global Market Insights, there is remarkable growth in the coming years for 3D printing material and equipment, that this surge will create a whole new category of new jobs and investment opportunities 

 “ 3D printing has 

 digitized the entire  

manufacturing process “ 

-Peter  Diamandis

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How 3D printing is Transforming the Education Sector

How 3D printing is Transforming the Education Sector

How 3D printing is Transforming the Education Sector

How 3D printing is Transforming the Education Sector

Priyanka Sharma | April 14, 2021


Education performs an essential role in unlocking the human ingenuity. 3-D printing is gambling a decisive function in exposing eager newbies to the sensible utility of supplying real-international understanding to specific domains like Science, Engineering, Architecture, and Math etc…. The 3-d printing era is gaining recognition within the training region at two ranges- primary and college stages. Let’s understand how 3-D printing is reworking education area. 

3-D Printing at Primary Levels  

3-D printing is used in many colleges to make getting to know a laugh and encourage younger minds to suppose creatively. The technology is on the whole used to create interactive, technical and mechanical lessons which simplify learning of basic concepts. Using the 3-dimensional visuals, teachers are capable of create visible getting to know aids that help in explaining hard ideas which are not effortlessly understood theoretically. For instance, you may create 3-d models of planets, mind or something that you need to give an explanation for. 3-D printing generation has provided powerful change gaining knowledge of method to traditional method of mastering that’s based totally on books and concept. 3-d printing allows the educators to convey any difficulty count number to lifestyles to have interaction students for a long term that results in multiplied learning and also improves essential questioning and problem-solving skills. 

History is often considered a much less thrilling issue as it entails analysing past through snap shots and text, with 3-D printing technology, it is viable for educators to breathe life into past. For instance, the museum is offering 3-D scans of artifacts which may be downloaded and educators can create 3-d models. Students advantage from such exercising as it’s miles less difficult to analyse and hold close info from the bodily version in contrast to getting to know from snap shots and textual content. Similarly, 3-d printing can follow to Math, Geography, Physics to create fashions that may be used a bodily illustration and used to simplify tangible standards.  

3D Printing on the University Level 

At the university level, 3-D printing generation is reaping extra benefits. A huge variety of universities have invested in 3D printing generation to improve delivery of information in STEM curriculum. The technology cloaks the mastering of tough principles in the sort of way that scholars barely word they are making use of complex ideas of science and arithmetic to resolve issues. In universities, students use a mixture of 3-D models and renderings to provide an explanation for the design system. Creating 3D models allows the scholars and educators to understand the design structurally. Such matters are not viable with 2D drawings where you have best one view to be had for complete analysis. In the mechanical engineering domain, college students are capable of build three-D models quick and create quick iterations in a cost- effective manner permitting them to improvise design.  

How 3D printing is Transforming the Education Sector, 3D printing isn’t handiest transforming school room mastering. In fact, the technology has the prowess to interrupt the lecture room partitions and take the mastering to extra granular level. It isn’t all about how three-D printing is remodelling education area; it’s miles extra approximately how this generation will revolutionize education in close to destiny. 3-D printing is these days at the stage in which computer systems were at some point of the 90’s they are more likely to make education extra effective and enhance the bond between thoughts and understanding. 

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