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Use of Robotics in Various Fields

Use of Robotics in Various Fields

Tahreem Jamadar | April 02, 2020

Use of Robotics in Various Fields

Robotics in Agriculture, Robotics in Military, Robotics in Medical Science, Robotics in Space Exploration, Robotics in Manufacturing

1. Robotics in Agriculture:
The use of robots in agriculture reduces the heavy-duty tasks which were, previously done by the farmers. Their role is to carry out labor-intensive tasks and pick out sensitive fruits and vegetables such as strawberries and lettuce.

· It is used for time-saving purposes.
· It helps in making the farmer’s work easy by cutting down on manpower.
· Different types of robots have been in use for different purposes. For seeding, harvesting, chemical application.
· Robots help in identifying the problematic crops and spraying chemicals on them. It reduces the labor of the farmer.

2. Robotics in Military:
Robotics in warfare has helped people to combat challenging tasks easily. Robots help in rescue operations resulting in fewer casualties.

· It is used in Combat support application for anti-submarine operations
· It is used in laying mines, fire support, electronic warfare, strike missions, etc.
· It is intended to save human lives as much as possible by performing as defense robots
· Safely respond to all kinds of threats inclusive of natural disasters.

3. Robotics in Medical Science:
With the accommodation of robotics in the medical sector, things have changed drastically. Surgeries have become more precise, drawing blood & carrying around racks have become at ease. With remote-controlled medical robots, caretakers can interact with their patients, giving them more time and attention. Medical tests are conducted in the labs with the help of robots.

· It is used in surgeries, helps in assisting operations.
· It helps in giving more attention to patients.
· It helps in performing accurate surgeries and transporting dangerous substances.
· It ensures a safe work environment.

4. Robotics in Space Exploration:
Robots support or replace human beings to carry out challenging tasks. Tasks that are too dangerous or even impossible for the reach of the astronauts are accomplished by robots. They don’t need rest or any food or energy, hence making it more efficient.

· It is used in providing information to flight controllers.
· It helps astronauts with routine tasks.
· They also capture videos and pictures used in research.
· They collect samples for research and assemble structures.

5. Robotics in Manufacturing:
In the manufacturing sector, robots are used for three purposes. (a) material handling (b) processing operation (c ) assembly and inspection. All these purposes are fulfilled by different kinds of robots ranging from big to small. Every aspect is taken care of in an industrial unit as there are automated robots for every task.

· Robotics in manufacturing helps the workers to cut down their labor costs.
· They help in improving the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.
· Robots don’t get tired and can work continuously meeting the quality requirements as compared to humans.
· It increases productivity and profitability.

6. Robotics in Rescue Operations:
Disasters like floods and hurricanes can complicate situations and can be very tough for rescue operations. Robots come in handy in these times as they help in bringing food and help to the victims. Drones are used during wildfires when things get out of control. Different types of robots are made to tackle situations like earthquakes and sandstorms. Snake-like robots work perfectly during earthquakes as they can detect people under debris.

· Robots in rescue operations help in rescuing humans during a disaster.
· It helps in providing aids, medical treatments, and evacuating casualties.
· They can fit into places where humans cannot.
· It helps in saving more lives of people by helping firemen and policemen.

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