How can Artificial Intelligence aid in COVID -19 crisis?

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How can Artificial Intelligence aid in COVID -19 crisis?

How can Artificial Intelligence aid in COVID -19 crisis?

Kiran Gupta | March 05, 2020

How can Artificial Intelligence aid in COVID -19 crisis? 

 The end of December 2019 resulted in the outbreak of a new contagious disease mainly caused by a transmission of virus with the consumption of bats in Wuhan , China. Initially the circumstances of this virus were not clear and hence minor damage was observed and was kept unaccounted for but later it turned into a global pandemic. The statistics as of 3rd March 2020 with respect to COVID-19 showed 3,168 deaths and more rapidly spreading  positive cases thereafter. 

The disruption is still looming round the world.  

On 31st  December 2019, BlueDot sent an alarming notification about an outbreak of a deadly disease with the symptoms of “unusual pneumonia” in Wuhan , China, and exactly after nine days World Health Organization(WHO) released a statement regarding a discovery of “unusual pneumonia” in a hospitalised patient in Wuhan, China.   

How did they find Covid-19? 

BlueDot is a global artificial intelligence database company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to monitor infectious disease and provides insights before its outbreak. It analyses and predicts the damage and spread of the disease with the help of huge databases. 

Artificial Intelligence and applied science are making it easier and faster to cope up with the disease and to control the binge rate of COVID-19 as far as possible. 

How Artificial Intelligence Helped in COVID-19? 

AI algorithms collect the information from the various sources like statements from WHO , commercial flights, health reports, climate data from satellites and news reports. From all the data gathered, it can find important correlation between data points that can help to control  and forecast all the possible outcomes. 

In the case of COVID-19 AI precisely identified the next possible targets in China. There are systems developed sensors using AI and ML which can predict body temperature of about 200 people per minute and detects it up to a range of 0.5 degree Celsius. The AI flags anyone who has a temperature above 37.3 degrees.  

Artificial Intelligence used in this outbreak also articulates a difference between COVID-19 and the ordinary viral. 

However, at the end of the day the war against COVID-19 is still not over until we develop a vaccine or an antidote against it. Development of new drugs is a costly and a lengthy process which may take time. 

Fortunately, AI comes to our rescue and speeds up the process. DeepMind-by Google, an AI research lab declared that it has used AI and deep learning to find the structure of proteins associated with COVID-19. 

It can not only be used to predict the epidemic but also help by developing the treatments and the vaccines required for a speedy recovery, diagnosing patients, disinfecting areas speeding up to develop a cure for COVID-19 

At the end of the day it is difficult to judge or comment whether we ‘re headed in the right direction but the efforts are surely commendable. 

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are rightly used, they can undoubtedly do wonders to the world. 

As quoted by Stephan Hawking 

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is either the Best or the Worst thing to happen to Humanity“ 

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