Top 4 courses to become a robotics engineer

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Top 4 Courses to Become a Robotics Engineer

Top 4 Courses to Become a Robotics Engineer

Pranoti Ghirnikar | January 16, 2020

 Hi!!! Let me share with you my story of choosing Robotics engineering and how I excelled in this specific field during my college days. In 2008, I started my engineering journey in one of the best engineering college in India “THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MUMBAI”. Over here I was an average student in an extraordinary college and an even extraordinary competition. In first year, all the students have common subjects and we need to choose our area of specialization in the second year. And I was too confused as I hadn’t find  something that appeals to me . Then on 1st May 2008 came a life changing moment or I should say a life changing movie “The Ironman”. After watching that movie, I knew what I got to do in my life. I wanted to become an AI and Robotics expert. 

 So the next question is how I accomplished my goal? 

 Well I chose to be a mechanical engineer but soon I realized its not gonna cut the cheese so these are list of courses I did in order to boost my career. 

  1. C/C++ 
  2. Python  
  3. Mechatronics 
  4. Arduino


  • C/C++ is a perfect platform to start coding 
  • It is the most classic and easiest platform where you can start learning and coding  
  • C++ is object oriented which gives you a brief introduction to how a particular piece of code is written and how it is implemented in the real world 


  • This is the most used technology for coding in the industry at the moment 
  • It is so because it has pre defined java packages which makes it very simple to code  
  • Python language is used for  
  1. Web Development 
  2. Data Science 
  3. Machine Learning  
  4. Data Visualization 
  5. Scripting 
  • It is also used to code small robots so that they can perform simple functions 


It is natural that we are talking about robotics and mechatronics has to be part of the list 

  • It is a combination of robotics , electronics , computer system and telecommunications 
  • I personally found this course very interesting as I was able to implement all my knowledge and was able to see a robot moving . It was like when Tony Stark had started building Mark 1. 
  • Mechatronics will take you into a deep dive of subjects such as  
  1. Machine Learning 
  2. Deep Learning  
  3. Artificial Intelligence 


Arduino language is used to design and manufacture a microcontroller  

So what is microcontroller and why is it necessary if I want to be a robotics engineer? 

 Well imagine a calculator you type 1 

Give the command of “+” 

And again type 1 

It will give you an output of 2  So now imagine yourself playing a game and character moves upward when you press the key “w”, towards left when you press “a” , towards right when you press “d” 

 Ever imagined what makes that character move? 

It’s the microcontroller  

So you should be able to design microcontrollers in order to make your robot move 

Along with these above courses, I also did many projects so that I can get as much as experience as I can  

So this was my story , I hope it was worth your time  


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