The Secret to Boost your Engineering Career

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The Secret to Boost your Engineering Career

The Secret to Boost your Engineering Career

Megha Sutar | August 31, 2021

There are 16.62 lakhs engineering seats available every year in India . So you can just imagine the huge amount of competition you are facing . And each one of this students wishes to acquire a big seven digit package at the end of their engineering curriculum . 

 So now the question arises The Secret to Boost your Engineering Career? And the answer is simple you need to do what most of the other students don’t do ; possess the skills that most of the other students don’t possess 

 What type of skills are those ? 

 The two fundamental skills  

  • Soft Skills 
  • Technical Skills  

 Soft Skills  

  You need to start working on your body language . As the quote stands true “First impression is the last ” . You can be the next Tony Stark but if you don’t know how to demonstrate your skills it will be very difficult to sell your ideas to a client or the interviewer . When you enter a room where you got a potential client or an interviewer ; the person will start judging you on the basis of your  

  • Body language  
  • Etiquettes 
  • Way of Speaking  
  • Attitude  
  • Clarity of thoughts 

And only way to develop this skill is to begin to talk in English as much as possible . Do mirror exercises . Get a feedback of your progress from your teachers . 

 Technical Skills  

 Now you know how to sell yourself . But you need to develop the product to sell to your client or the interviewer. And it needs to be different from the curriculum which everyone in your batch knows . You need to research what is the demand in the industry . You have to learn and create projects using the technologies being used in the industries today. 

 Some of Major Technologies are: 

  1. Python 
  2. Artificial Intelligence  
  3. Robotics 
  4. IOT 

Learning these technical skills gives an impression to the recruiters that you are really interested in your engineering careers. 

 There are many online courses available for learning robotics online and even in classes  

 I suggest you to check out for different courses . They have divided the curriculum brilliantly in different levels from beginners to experts . 

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 If you want to  know     

 How learning AI can change your career click on the link below  

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